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3 Apps That Stimulate Creativity + FREE Mobile Wallpaper

Call me crazy but I’d consider creativity one of my top assets. When most people think of an asset they think of a car, a home, or any other cash equivalent. I guess I do too, but my ability to create is on that list as well. Check out three apps that can stimulate your creativity which essentially boosts your ability to be powerful and brilliant.

Creativity is what sets us apart from others; it is what makes us original and many times it is our originality and uniqueness that lands us the job, helps us realize genius ideas, or makes us the chosen one in any given scenario.

Our creativity is quite valuable considering it’s also what inspires us to turn ideas into actual material. It is the bind between the dreamer and the doer in us and one is not exceptional without the other. We’ve all heard the phrase “if we can dream it, we can achieve it”, we just have to possess the right amount of creativity to truly envisage something magnificent that without question, has the promising potential to come to life.

Imagination is everything, it is the preview of life’s coming attractions. – Albert Einstein

Here are three apps that stimulate my creativity and spark inspiration:


Reading is a major stimulator for my creativity and I have been obsessed with Flipboard lately. It is an app that allows you to personalize your own magazine with articles, stories, and/or book reviews based on your interests. Upon downloading the app, you are asked to choose subjects and categories that you’d want to follow – some of mine are Personal Finance, Productivity, and Broadcasting – once you select your categories (which can be edited at any time) Flipboard provides you with a daily updated magazine that only features articles and stories related to the topics you selected.

Download Flipboard here:


Music, duh! The reason Soundcloud is on this list and not Spotify or Apple Music (yet) is because I personally enjoy listening to mixes and edits by unknown or underground artists/DJs. Soundcloud is a place where anyone can upload their work. It’s super easy-to-use and allows you to curate your own playlists. I may or may not have a playlist for every part of my day to get my creative juices flowing (i.e. shower, breakfast, gym sessions).

Download Soundcloud here:


Pocket is a “Save It For Later” app that allows you to save articles and links to videos, photos, or other goodies that you want to revisit. I find that I save links in Pocket that become key research for some of my projects. I also save links that have inspirational quotes, stories, and interviews  that I can re-read or re-watch at anytime. Bonus: anything you save in your pocket, you can view offline!

Download Pocket here (iPhone users):

What are some apps that you swear by that get your creative juices flowing? Join the conversation by tweeting me @CorvayaDaily or commenting below.

Whatever your interests are, whatever field you are in, whatever you are trying to achieve; if you could use a colorful reminder to get up and start creating download this FREE mobile wallpaper right now 🙂 Good luck!




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