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Service With Style And A Message

I had just arrived to NYC and my first stop was Secaucus, NJ where I would host a Meet & Greet with Created Families, a nonprofit organization that caters to underprivileged youth with special guest and long time friend Nitty Scott MC. Here’s what I wore and a brief recap of the event!

CD 2CD 1Denim tops are a staple in my wardrobe. I can’t get enough of them! In terms of footwear, I can remember wanting to wear a chunky heel with this particular outfit but went with suede pumas instead (partially because I was running around and needed to be as comfortable as possible but mostly because they were fresh out of the box and I couldn’t resist). 😉 I kept it very “Vay” with accessories wearing signature gold hoops, a gold watch, and a couple of rings.

The denim skirt was purchased at a thrift shop a few years ago. It’s still one of my favorite pieces because of its color and material. I wear it when I’m in the mood to make a statement and during this event, the statement was all about being bold and fearless.

DSC000977Bold & Fearless are two words that describe the message both Nitzia and I conveyed to the youth in attendance at this Meet & Greet. While Nitzia shared stories about her journey to and through the music industry, not being afraid to discuss both the challenges and victories; the teens (who I work with throughout the year) were able to witness me in my element as a host, journalist, and youth advocate who’s making a genuine effort to lift and inspire others. The teens were also able to witness two young women supporting rather than competing with one another, they need more of that!

hjjjThe Meet & Greet ended with a Q&A and youth expressing their thanks to Nitzia. It was clear that they were inspired and in awe of both her inner and outer beauty. Pictured is Nitzia and Natalia, one of the fifteen youth in attendance.

IMG_4275 16Nitzia and I brought the afternoon to a close by catching up! It had been years since we were last in the same place at the same time.

IMG_4253 1…and we wouldn’t be ourselves without a mini selfie-shoot! (lol!)

DSC00077Special thanks to Joaquin B. and Young Emeljay who volunteered their time to capture the entire youth experience on video. Nitzia, who arrived prepared and ready to open up about deep and delicate experiences that resonated with the youth of Created Families. And last but not least, the entire Created Families organization for trusting me with hosting this event out of state.

Check out Nitty Scott MC’s latest video “Generation Now” off of The Art Of Chill album:

More of Nitty’s personal story (via Hip Hop DX):

Give back to youth in Foster Care by donating to Created Families, Inc today. You can donate by visiting their site!

1014859_393318407440752_960652344_o-2Have you volunteered or worked for a service-based organization in your community? Tell me about it in the comments section below!


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