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5 Tips To Get You Through Your Phone Interview Like A Champ

I’ll get right to the point, I am the Gal that loves and prefers the in-person interview (and you should, too!) but I understand that phone screens are still pertinent in the hiring process of many jobs. They are conducted as a way for companies to narrow down a pool of candidates before bringing them in for in-depth conversations. In many cases, administering phone screens are saving time and possibly money; its likely they’ll be around for a while. Keep reading.

Here are a few tips that will help you get through your next (or first) phone interview like a champ:

Manage your space. Designate a quiet, uncluttered room for your phone conversation that is not susceptible to interruptions or distractions. I would suggest sitting in a comfortable chair at a desk or table for posture reasons. Just a few days ago I found myself reading a study that showed a correlation between self-esteem and good body posture; it can provide you with more confidence in your thoughts, the words you speak, and the words you write. 

Tweetable: “Slouching can exhaust your mood making your energy and voice unwelcoming to an interviewer.”

Listen Effectively. When anxious or nervous, it is common to sentence-grab by interrupting or finishing someones sentences. You don’t want to do this during a phone interview. Allow the interviewer to complete a question or thought in its entirety before you try to interpose or answer. Have a pen and paper in front of you to jot down notes or questions you want to ask toward the end of the call.

Control your tone and speed. There’s a good chance that the person on the other end of the phone is taking their own notes during the interview. You want to avoid any keywords or major points being missed. Speak clearly with coherent articulation maintaining a balanced tone.

Bonus Tip: Smile when you speak! Although it is important to maintain a balanced tone during the call, you still want to show some of your personality and enthusiasm for the job.

Tweetable: “Smiling while you greet or speak to someone over the phone is a sure way to convey friendliness and a welcoming presence.” 

Refer to your resume, don’t read it. When asked a question in any interview, you always want to highlight specific accomplishments or experiences that are pulled from your resume. Use this as a time to elaborate or provide additional information about your experiences. It is likely that the interviewer already has your resume; they don’t want to hear what they can read themselves.

Dress To Impress. I hesitated adding this tip to the list after speaking with a friend who mentioned having nailed a phone interview or two in casual and comfortable clothing but that is not reflective of my personal experience. So for those of you who are anything like me, putting on the right clothing puts you in the right ethos.

Tweetable: “Dress the part to be the part.” 

Share your thoughts and questions in the comment section below, I look forward to reading and responding to them.





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