Mood Music: Darla Magazine #CuffNGrind2016 Mix

I’d describe this mix as simple and dope, even a little sexy. It echoes the energy of the space that I’m in and tunefully conveys some of what I felt in the last couple of months being on my grind (career wise), crushing on bae, and being “cuffed” which is appropriate wordplay considering the title of the tape, lol. I just smiled, I’m happy…

I don’t recall how I stumbled upon Darla Magazine (home of the mix) but I can remember skimming through the site, then immediately bookmarking it to revisit later. I returned to the cute online publication and discovered #CuffNGrind2016, a compilation of 15 tracks that are musical (primarily Hip Hop and R&B) expressions of love + relationships. It features trending and non-trending (but still top tier) Hip Hop/R&B artists such as Fabolous, Kehlani, and Jay-Z.


Miss each other when we do our trap ting
But when we link you already know the happenin’
She gotta hustle like my hustle, so I figure she for me
And we both chasing dreams so it’s bigger than money

(Fabolous – Trap Royalty, Summertime Shootout)

Listen to the mix here:


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