Tinder is not for me but I was willing to give speed-dating a try

Corvya Jeffries

I moved to a new city for a one-of-a-kind job opportunity. Signed a lease on an apartment with a stunning view. Bought a new car. Everything was going great.

A few months later, on a Saturday night, I found myself in my bedroom downloading the Tinder app. Your girl just wanted to have a nice conversation and/or dinner with a boy. A man.

Despite being in my feelings, I quickly learned Tinder wasn’t for me and deleted that sh*t two days later.

It wasn’t the first time I uploaded a profile pic on a popular dating app. I once explored Coffee Meets Bagel after meeting and chatting with a twenty-something-year-old doctor who was in a relationship with a fine-ass, successful-ass black gentleman she met on the app. Her coffee, I guess.

They gave me hope but three days later, I deleted that ish too.

It just didn’t feel right.

Probably because of this experience: A couple of years ago, my brother introduced me to ‘Plenty of Fish’ after a break up (can’t lie, I was going thru it). For a month,  I conversed with a dope (or so I thought) guy, then went on a date with him. That was my first time considering such a thing. We ate a nice dinner and went to a J. Cole concert. I got home alive.

A week later he asked to see me again, I said ‘I have a lot going on this weekend,’ and he lost it. Threatening text messages and all.


Back then, POF had a good buzz. These days, it’s officially a step below Craigslist. Stay away.

I guess his episode kept me from giving the other apps a real shot. I can tell you with confidence that I’m done creating profiles on dating apps even though my attempts were lazy, assuming and short-lived.

I don’t care. It’s not for me. Speed-Dating, though? I was willing to explore that arena. Here’s how it went…

The Palm Beach Post published I gave up Tinder for speed dating. Here’s what happened’ by Corvaya Jeffries. Read it here. 

VIDEO: Watch the parody I wrote and produced of the types of guys I met while speed dating


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