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Sometimes, I indulge in these excellent podcasts

Podcasts have been around for decades, but the bandwagon didn’t start filling up till the 2000s. Now, pretty much anyone can create an audio hub and invite the world to listen in. Whether this is a good or bad thing isn’t the question.

The question is: With so many options, should you start with stories, conversations or interviews? No worries. Start here.

These are some of of my favorite binge-worthy podcasts.

*Note: I’m defining binge-worthy as at least five episodes back to back.

This podcast is all about mental wellness or as Assante calls it, mental hygiene… because no one wants a musty brain. Expect to laugh often and identify with caring Franceska, ruthless Assante or hilarious Dustin when it comes to health, wealth and your overall quality of life.

Don’t feel comfortable talking to your friends about your relationship issues? Just listen to Hot 97’s DJ Envy and his wife Gia talk about theirs. They let you in on past experiences, give advice and chop it up with celebrity couples. Expect mature relationship convo that exposes all sides: his, hers and the truth. LOL.

With this one, start from the beginning and listen in order. Sarah Koenig narrates the real investigation of a teenage student whose body was found in a park in Maryland in 1999. The student’s boyfriend was charged with the murder and sentenced to life in prison despite claiming he was innocent. If we tell you any more, you’d be pissed. It’s that good.

This podcast is storytime for full grown adults. Not kidding. Expect to react in laughter, shock or anger ( out loud) to the craziest moments that regular people — maybe even your neighbors — have lived through. Like the sisters who grew up with the last name Hitler or the Asian girl who made herself penpals with a wizard of the Ku Klux Klan.

This podcast is popular because rapper-turned-pop-culture’s-most opinionated-bald-guy is an articulate asshole. You can easily love Budden and his friends Rory and Mal in one episode then hate them and want to call them out on the next. They talk aout which rappers are in their Top 20, if Kendrick Lamar sold out and which celebrity women are making business moves like some of the smartest men in the game.

Other podcasts I love:

Modern Love — If you want to hear sad, funny, sexy and beautiful love stories narrated by some of your favorite (and sometimes random) entertainers. i.e. Karreuche Tran

Style Your Mind — If you want to take advantage of being cooped up in the house to redesign your thoughts, empower yourself and get a mega dose of inspiration

Still Processing — If you want to hear intelligent and sometimes emotional conversations about TV, movies, art and music from two culture writers of The New York Times

Drink Champs — If you agree that tipsy conversations are friggin’ hilarious because that’s when filters and secrets simply do not exsist

She’s Beauty and the Beast — If you’re into getting your spirit and mindset all the way together with audio-vision boards full of personality and #realtalk from Tracy G, an on-air personality at Sway in the Morning.

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