The Celis Brothers

Meet two (of three) brothers who give wings to their city’s growing identity as purveyors of organic produce in West Palm Beach, Florida in this step-by-step smoothie recipe video.

Voices of Orlando

Patrons of Pulse and residents of Orlando share their thoughts on the worst mass shooting in U.S history that took place June 12, 2016, at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando. #OrlandoStrong

 Brown Ballerina

Maryann Payne, a professional dancer, is helping little brown girls recognize their beauty and build confidence by teaching them how to plié in ballet classes offered at The Milagro Center in Delray Beach, Florida. Read the full story here. 

Scaring the sanity out of people at Enigma Haunt

Enigma Haunt in Boca Raton, FL holds auditions for those who’d like to participate in horror acting for its acclaimed Haunted House. Read the full story here. 

If you think silent discos are anti-social, you’re wrong

Palm Beach Post’s social media reporter Corvaya Jeffries takes a ride on Silent Revolution’s Miami Soul Train. Read the full story here.

Scenes from the 2017 Inauguration

See and hear what Palm Beach Post reporters and contributors saw and heard while covering Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration ceremonies.

Things got a little heated between pro and anti-Trump groups in the area of D and 7th Streets in Washington D.C.

Speed Dating Parody

Palm Beach Post social media reporter Corvaya Jeffries gives speed dating a shot. Read a comical piece about her experience here.

 “Credit Cards are Frenemies” with Charles Elmore

At the Palm Beach Post, Corvaya took stories written by veteran reporters and translated their content onto social media platforms to reach new audiences.